Nanodyn Systems

Strategy, Brand Identity, Digital Design

Brand Strategy and Identity Design

The project involved identifying a unique tone of voice for Nanodyn that emphasises conversational and open communication. This strategy positions Nanodyn as a thought leader in its industry.

To further reinforce this strategy, we designed a visual identity that embodies the brand values and gives Nanodyn a kit of tools to implement across a range of touchpoints, including a custom typeface and a series of logos for proprietary software and hardware.

Nano-Technology Immersive Website

This phase of the project involved designing and developing an interactive website that provides a fully immersive experience of nano-technology, which enables viewers to engage with the technology in a unique and interactive way.

The website we designed and developed has received recognition for its technical innovation and user experience, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

Short Films and Image Library

The short films were created to showcase the technology in action and demonstrate the benefits of nano-technology. These films were designed to be engaging and informative, appealing to the target audience.

The image library was created to support the brand across various touchpoints, including the website, social media, and advertising. The library included high-quality images that effectively communicated the brand message and values.


Jason Bronkhorst

Paul Binikos, strategist
Craig Wells, creative direction
Brent Robinson, interactive design
Injozi, production
Sven Musica, DOP
Devin Paisley, photographer
Postage Agency, editing