IDEX Paramount 2023

Exhibition Design

For the brand launch of Paramount at IDEX 2023, we were tasked with designing an exhibition stand that would maximise the impact of the brand's evolution and showcase its products and services as the leading provider of portable defence manufacturing solutions globally.

The resulting exhibition stand was designed as a double volume space and included anamorphic screens, video walls and hanging LED screens. These elements created an immersive experience that highlighted the brand's evolution and reinforced Paramount's position as a leader in the aerospace and defence industry.
In addition to the exhibition stand design, we created content for video screens throughout the venue and advertising material in the four show dailies.

The video content featured promotional material that showcased Paramount's products and services, further reinforcing the brand's position as a technology leader.

The advertising material included key messages and brand elements, enhancing the visibility and impact of the brand's evolution.
The exhibition stand was strategically positioned in a high-traffic area, drawing attendees in to learn more about Paramount's products and services. The innovative design elements effectively highlighted the brand's evolution, increasing engagement and positive feedback from attendees. Our work on the exhibition stand, content creation and advertising material contributed to the success of Paramount's brand launch at IDEX 2023. The brand's increased visibility, enhanced reputation and reinforced position as a technology leader helped to further establish Paramount as the leading provider of portable defence manufacturing solutions globally.


Jason Bronkhorst

ADNEC Services, production
The New Order, branding and collateral