Barca Juniors

Brand Identity, Apparel Design

In collaboration with our client, Nanodyn, we facilitated a workshop with the Barca Juniors, in which they expressed their ambitions and hopes through drawing and painting.

Using these artworks as inspiration, we developed a custom jersey design that is truly unique to these players and coaches. The jersey design was created to reflect the Barca Juniors' creativity and individuality, while also providing a sense of unity and pride.

This project was a meaningful way to engage with the community. By creating a custom jersey design inspired by the Barca Juniors' artworks, we were able to provide them with a tangible representation of their individuality and aspirations.

In addition to designing a custom jersey, the project involved creating a crest for the team. The crest was designed using iconography representing the greater Stellenbosch region and a homage to the team's favorite club, Barca FC.

The iconography was carefully selected to reflect the region's cultural heritage and natural environment, while also conveying a sense of pride and belonging for the team.

The homage to Barca FC was incorporated into the crest as a nod to the team's shared passion for soccer and to honor the legacy of one of the world's most iconic football clubs.

Astrid Nel, photographer
Rupert Museum, Stellenbosch
Gencon, manufacturing